Here's what some of our clients say about us....




“Kim and Bradford have been excellent to work with. Being in a very dynamic industry and in a dual role employment structure, they have been very effective in assisting with my challenges. Their professionalism and direct approach has brought me many new perspectives along with skill development that wouldn’t be attainable without having them as coaches. Highly recommended.”


-Dion Zukiwsky, Branch Manager / Director Wealth Management

Scotia Wealth Management


Coaching / Consulting / Strategic Planning


“I always knew my practice had the potential to be so much better, but could never quite put my finger on how.  With the help of DACATA I’ve become a better leader and business owner.  I’m attracting my ideal clients and building the practice I’ve always dreamed of having. I can’t speak highly enough about these guys and strongly recommend other business owners take a close look at the work they do.”


-Dr. Ryan Thomas, Dentist

Fall River, Nova Scotia

Strategic Planning


“Kim and Bradford are smart guys who don’t talk in typical consultant talk.  They are skilled at fostering engaged discussion, challenging norms, creating buy-in and delivering results.  Their breadth of experience and flexible approach to strategic planning provided us with a clear road map for the development and progression of our diverse, 450+ member organization.  Highly recommended!”


-Jordan Abney, Executive Director

British Columbia School Sports

Culture Development / Coaching


Bradford and Kim were knowledgeable, strategy focused, and easy to work with.  They listened to our challenges, asked great qualifying questions, and tailored their approach to meet our needs.  As a result, team morale has improved, focus is sharp, and we have a much better understanding of our roadblocks as individuals and as a group.  Perfect for any business or group looking to build a positive culture and team atmosphere!”


-Mike Kooman, Owner / Advisor

Kooman Agencies – The Co-Operators




“After 30 years as a financial consultant, I found it challenging to engage in core activities with the same drive I once had.  I needed a new approach.  Working with Kim and Bradford has moved me into action with a whole new mindset and focus. They’ve challenged me to find new opportunities and routines that are having a profound impact on my business. I’m more productive than I’ve been in years and it feels great!”


-Glenn T. Welch, CFP, CLU, CH.F.C., CHS,

Chartered Financial Consultant




“As an NHL player, I had a vision of playing for 20 years and retiring on my own terms, but a life altering head injury forced me to retire early.  After my playing days, I explored a number of different career paths but struggled to find something I was passionate about that also aligned with my family values and lifestyle.  Recently with the help of Kim and Bradford, I’ve been able to dive into my new career path with confidence and full engagement, something I haven’t experienced since my days in hockey.”


-Jesse Wallin, Amateur Scout

St. Louis Blues, NHL