DACATA Performance Model


DACATA is an acronym for the six most critical factors that influence performance. The DACATA model is the foundation of the work we do. When you understand and address all six factors you’ll improve performance where it matters most.


Our model is designed to:


  1. DRIVE: Clarify your values, identify a vision of an ideal future, and generate a strategy to take you there.
  2. ABILITY: Maximize the skills, knowledge, and resources you will need along the way.
  3. CULTURE: Create environments that engage key players and foster repeatable success.
  4. ACTION: Provoke you to understand and consistently engage in 3 types of action in pursuit of your ideal future.
  5. TEAM: Build an effective team where everyone adds value, supports each other and upholds team objectives.
  6. AUDIT: Understand your progress so you can learn from failure, celebrate success and make necessary adjustments to reach your goal.